Best Position For Cycling

Best Position For Cycling

To ensure good posture, you have to choose a bicycle that fits with you. If the size of the frame is too large or too small, the bicycle will be uncomfortable to drive and you will not experience muscle pain in the neck and lower back. The standard sizes of the frames are aligned from 38 to 64 centimeters. To determine the correct size, measure the inside seam of your pants and subtract 23 to 25 centimeters. When straddling the bicycle, the top tube of the frame should be about 2.5 centimeters below your crotch.

Two other critical measures are the position of the saddle and the handlebar. Set the height of the saddle by having a friend hold the bike still while you sit on it. Place the heels on the pedals and pedal back.

A correct posture for cycling

If the height of the saddle is correct, you can pedal back with your knees only slightly bent to the bottom of each pedaling. If they are too bent it means that the saddle is too low, and will wobble and lose strength in pedaling when riding. If the knees do not bend, or if you have to stretch to reach the pedal, then the saddle is too high and you will force the knee joint.

Keep the horizontal level of the saddle or incline it slightly upwards. Adjust the handlebars 4 to 6 centimeters below the saddle. To check the correct height of the handlebar, mount with your elbows bent and your hands just below the brake levers. Look down at the front wheel axle. If you can not see the shaft because the handlebar is in the middle, then the handlebar position is correct.

When you pedal, bend at the waist. Do not shrink; Your back has to stay relatively straight. This position will allow you to adopt a relaxed and aerodynamic posture without restricting your lung capacity. Make sure you also keep your elbows bent to help absorb road shakes.

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