The best music player for Android

music player for Android

Smartphones began as the evolution of some phones whose basic function was to make and receive calls or messages. However, with the passage of time have become authentic devices multifunction whose main uses are discussed above and the consumption of multimedia content. Whether it’s powerful current hardware or a great sound system, smartphones began to be used as a music player not long ago. In fact, we all know the music player that comes from the factory in our terminal, although some use it more than others.

It is true that services like Spotify, which recently reached the 28 million users, have managed to make the music streaming more and more popular and leave aside the music that occupies memory of the device and is that, that is one Of the favorable points to listen to music from the cloud, do not need to occupy storage space. However, it also falters on occasions when we do not want to spend mobile data or have no coverage, and that is where listening to music from the phone itself is made visible.

However, many users agree that the app that comes with Android default is not the best precisely, although it has been polished and improved as the operating system versions updated. To this day, we are facing a very different player from the beginning, however, for many it is still very basic, with details to correct and some shortcomings. Therefore, most decide to download another from Google Play, where there are many applications of this type, one for each type of taste, but you could say that one of them is one step ahead.

We are talking about Poweramp, the definitive Android music player. First comment that has free version and payment version, which was lowered to 50 cents a few days ago and is worth it if we consider the great service that offers us. Anyway, if you do not want to pay and you comply with the first version, be sure that you have a player up to date and that more than enough.

Let’s start with the design of the application, because its touches in dark tones combined with blue glows give an air of tranquility. The navigation of the menus is quite intuitive and can be understood in a simple way, you will not need the help of anybody to discover little by little all its functions. Let’s take the example that you decide to play a song, you can go to the album library, where all the covers appear as a mosaic and, in case you are missing, Poweramp offers you the option to download the cover you need, Looking for an air of professionalism.


If we talk about the audio formats it supports, we will be talking about almost all of them, besides having a 10-band equalizer that will allow us to adjust the sound of each song in the most precise way, being able to save the settings or use some of them Which they recommend. Besides, it has details that make the difference as the possibility that before finishing a song, this will be fused with the following to achieve a dynamic effect and a gentle change of pace. However, not everyone enjoys its design, but this is back to become a plus point when you have the possibility to change the look looking on the internet that you like.

If we look for some bad point, we realize that it is the application par excellence, as it can only be attributed a slight consumption of battery greater than its rivals, which is compensated thanks to a magnificent sound quality. If we combine it with its service together MusiXmatch, which allows us to see the lyrics of the songs, we will be number one when it comes to playing music. In conclusion, if you are still enjoying listening to music downloaded on the phone, you should take a look at Poweramp or some of the best music players for Android, surely you find one of your liking.