Why Apple Music is the best streaming music service if you are a student

Apple Music

Since Apple Music came on the scene, Spotify is looking in serious trouble. And is that, it must be recognized that the company of the apple has snatched a good amount of customers to Spotify, which, it seems that has relaxed too.

Proof of this is that, recently Spotify launched an offer for students, as did Apple Music almost since its launch. And, even if this step by Spotify is successful, if you are a student, Apple Music is the best streaming music service you can hire. And we’ll explain why.

Although, personally, I like something more both the interface and the options of Spotify, Apple Music is positioned as a better option to hire if you are a student. No matter who likes it.

The first reason that has led us to think this, is the way to verify if you are a student. As you can see, Apple Music only requires that you identify with your Apple ID and with your university or qualified mail. It’s that simple.

While, to contract this offer of Spotify, you will have to provide a document, less than three months old in which the name of the center and your name and surnames come out. Later, you’ll have to send it to Spotify to get the go-ahead.

But, what will really make you decide for Apple Music, is the duration of the offer. From the company of the apple have carried out a reasoning quite logical, as they offer four years of Apple Music at half price, which usually lasts a race or other grades.

However, in Spotify, you can only enjoy the reduction for students for a year. Yes, a year. An illogical figure if we consider that the objective of the offer is to facilitate the recruitment of the service to young people.

So, if you are a student and you are thinking about hiring a streaming music service, our recommendation is very clear: Apple Music is the best for you. You can identify yourself quickly and enjoy four years of this offer. Without complications.