Tips for Beginners Cyclists

Tips for Beginners Cyclists

There are millions of people who ride bikes and the numbers are increasing. With more and more runners on trails and paths, these tips for beginner cyclists will help you ride better and be safer.

  • Protect your head. Head injuries are the cause of 60 percent of all bike deaths each year. Many of these deaths could be avoided if everyone wore a helmet when riding a bicycle. Always wear a helmet when riding and make sure your kids do too. Many states have bike helmet laws, but they should always be used, even if you are not going to pedal too.
  • Do not pedal at full speed for long periods of time. You want to try to keep the cadence between 70 and 90 rpm (revolution per minute). When pedaling in a long gait that puts additional pressure on the knees, it can trigger injuries.
  • Use your gears. When on the climbs they move at a speed that will keep their cadence in the correct rpm range, so you can do it up the hill without putting excessive strain on the knees.
  • Get an appropriate fit for your bike. Having your bike created to fit your body will make riding it much easier, more efficient, and will make you feel a lot less painful during and after the trip.
  • Get the perfect seat. Getting the right mount will make a big difference when driving. Do not think that the thicker padding will give you the most comfortable ride. A longer seat with a cutout will generally be the best type of saddle.
  • Change position while driving. Move your hands around the bars, and move your butt around the saddle. This will ensure that your hands, arms and back are kept active to prevent them from falling asleep due to the prolonged time in a given position.
  • Do not drive with headphones on. It can be extremely dangerous if you do not hear an emergency vehicle or other shocks behind you or out side. If you have to have music, get a small clipped radio with a speaker that can be attached to your jersey.
  • Know the rules. Circulate with the traffic and obey all traffic signs, as it is now part of it. Closely watch all the cars ahead of you so you can try to anticipate what they are going to do.
  • Keep your head up. Look ahead sufficiently in advance so that you can react to any obstacles along the way that may be in front of you. Things like storm drain grilles are very bad for road bike tires.

If you follow these tips you will have a better, safer and more enjoyable time on your bike.

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